Our Approach

Our approach recognizes product development as an integral part of a larger value chain, which operates on pull of the key stakeholders.

customer satisfaction

    • flawless new product launches
    • quality and on-time delivery during development
    • supply chain integration
    • product reliability

shareholder return-on-investment

    • projects to budget
    • products to target cost
    • investments to target.

We apply an operating philosophy based on lean principles. This allows our clients to achieve step-changes in product development efficiency, typically with double-digit improvements in all relevant objectives. We focus our support on your people, enabling them to work autonomously or in teams, but always with a clear connection of responsibility and accountability towards achievement of business objectives. Communication within teams, among teams and between team leaders, supporting staffs and management is supported by visual management in a way that focuses the entire organization on delivery of results and continuous improvement.

The lean principles based approach has already led to a paradigm shift in the manufacturing world (Toyota Production System). We tailor the essence of this philosophy to the creative phase upstream. Standardized work, standardized management and visual management are employed throughout to focus your organization on “the best” and clear accountability in matrix organizations. This approach engages everybody in full and provides a strong basis for continuous learning.

News Headlines

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