Creating Value

Glober & Partners is an international consulting firm specialized in product development excellence, supporting you and your team in

  • achieving faster innovation cycles
  • improving product reliability
  • improving organizational responsiveness
  • reducing cost
Glober & Partners recognizes the importance of innovation and flawless execution of product development as a means to achieving sustainable and profitable growth of enterprises. We support you in tailoring the best-practice industry standards to your organization. Our approach is based on understanding development of products and services as an integral part of a larger business process. Focusing on continuous improvement in efficiency and results in the creative phase will have a high leverage on the total value chain:
Value chain

Can you do better?

  • Are you sure that your product development teams share the common business objective and are they continuously measuring their progress towards it?
  • Are your teams always applying the best standard?
  • Are your best people being called upon where and when needed?
  • Are your most valuable resources shared flexibly between teams?
  • Do you have visual controls that allow you to monitor and intervene if necessary?
  • Is your organization matrix well balanced between value delivery and functional excellence?
  • Is your recognition system rewarding problem prevention ahead of 'fire fighting'?

Contact us to find out how our unique approach can transform your organization and yield step-changes in output and efficiency.

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Lean Product Development enables step-changes in output and efficiency for creative processes
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Glober & Partners joins the Mouvement Luxembourgeois pour la Qualité (MLQ)

Technology Drivers and Trends
Dr. S. Glober delivered keynote speech at SAE/ IMechE global VTMS conference
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